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Sally Davis is the District Grants Chair and can be contacted at daviss@chartermi.net. She is the best resource for District and Global grant information. As of July 1, 2013, the grant process for District and Global grants was changed. Please refer to the “District & Global Grants”.

Requests for funds from the District Project Fund are to be directed to Nancy Loberger, nancy.loberger@nsight.com, District Project Fund and Vocational Team Chair, and the application is also available on the District & Global Grants” page on this website.

John Townshend is the District Scholarship Chair and can be contacted at jjtvision@charter.net . He is the source for Global Grant Scholarships information. 

Please refer to the “Global Grant Scholarship” page.

We can positively change lives through our local and international service projects; and have more impactful service projects by applying for grants. Our matching grant funds are created from your contribution to The Rotary Foundation. We are in the final stages of eliminating polio throughout the world as 2015 had the lowest levels ever, with fewer cases reported from fewer areas of fewer countries than ever before.

The need for clean water, literacy, food, shelter, economic development and education is greater than ever. Half of the funds donated each year are returned to District 6220 in three years in the form of District Designated Funds which can be used for District or Global grants or scholarships. Clubs that request grant monies must meet minimum contributions to the Foundation, as well as other eligibility criteria outlined on the District Grant Quick Reference Guide.

The District Governor has the good fortune to present programs on The Rotary Foundation to many Clubs during the past year and look forward to the opportunity to speak to any Club in the future, as well as our District Fundraising Chair and District Vocational Training Team Chair Nancy Loberger (Nancy.Loberger@nsighttel.com). Each of us is a resource for you and The Rotary Foundation.

Please contact me and I will make every effort to provide a meaningful and educational program for your Club.

Tom Guyette
District Rotary Foundation Chair - Interim

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