The District and Global Grant programs are funded through a portion of the District Designated Fund (DDF) available annually. These grants allow Clubs to expand projects and have more impactful projects than perhaps they could fund on their own. Projects can involve one Club or several Clubs collaborating together.

Cash contributions from eligible Clubs will be matched dollar for dollar by D-6220 with DDF money. The minimum District Grant match is $2,600 and the maximum for a single Club on a single project is $7,500. By collaborating with other Clubs, a project could be eligible for a maximum District match of $13,000. District grants require submission of a project proposal which must be completed by May 15 of any given Rotary year.

Global Grants require a minimum of $10,000 from a Club or Clubs, and can be matched up to $15,000 with DDF money on a 1:1 Club contribution. In addition, Global Grants also can receive matching funds from The Rotary Foundation, so $10,000 from a Club or Clubs, could be a $35,000 total grant.

Eligible District Grant projects can be either local or international; and Global Grant projects must be international. However, all projects must align with at least one of the six Rotary International areas of focus listed below:

  1. Peace and Conflict Resolution
  2. Disease Prevention & Treatment
  3. Water & Sanitation
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Basic Education & Literacy
  6. Economic & Community Development




Any questions regarding types of projects, funding issues or help with the proposal or application contact the:

District Grants Chair
Judy Nagel
[email protected]

(DPF) District Project Funds Chair
Lois Ellis
[email protected]



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