Rotary Club Vision Facilitation Information Sheet For Rotary Clubs

Trained facilitators are ready to guide your Rotary Club with a Vision facilitation process. This is not a District or RI program – it is a process of Club members visioning for your Club.

It is required that the current Club President, President Elect, President Nominee and other Club officers agree to engage and commit to this process. This process asks that all participants think “outside the box.” All Rotarians are of equal voice regardless of tenure in Rotary.

Club participation expectation: Rotary Club of less than 30 members must have 75% of members at facilitation. If club has more than 30 members, than 25 – 30 participants are needed at facilitation. Participants must include a cross section of your membership – including the newest members, males and females, cultural diversity, etc.

Steps to getting started to hold a Rotary Club Vision Facilitation Process

The process is free to Clubs. Clubs simply need to supply meals, site location and supplies. The following steps can get your Club started to hold a Club Vision

Facilitation Process:

  1. Club leadership agrees to do the Rotary Vision process and is committed to support results. The President and President Elect must support this; as well as the President Nominee (if there is one).
  2. Contact the Visioning Coordinator – Sue Malett-Morris This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is to get your Club onto the schedule for Vision Facilitation.
  3. Determine the Club contact person to coordinate/setup the event. Share this information with Sue Malett-Morris.
  4. Select a date with alternative dates for the Club. The Club is responsible for: site location, supplies and meals. Share this information with Sue Malett-Morris.
  5. Promote the event within your Club to insure participation from a cross section of members. The Vision event will be cancelled if minimal participation is indicated.

Supplies the Club needs to furnish for the Vision facilitation.

  • 2 pads of “Post It” flip-charts
  • Package of ¾” blue dots (800 dots)
  • Package of ¾” red dots (800 dots)
  • Flip chart markers (2 sets of black, blue & red)
  • Table name cards for all attendees with pre-printed names on cards
  • Meals for all participants and Vision Facilitator Team (3 additional people). Meals should be a box supper to be quick. Participants will be eating while facilitators are presenting.
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Pads of paper
  • Masking tape

Room Setup needs:

  • U-Shape seating for participants to walk around comfortably outside of the U-shape.
  • Enough wall space around the room to allow for 20-30 sheets of easel paper to be hung on the wall for the exercises.
  • Tables and chairs facing a screen and an easel on either side
  • Water and glasses on the tables.
  • Power cord with power strip
  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • 2 easels to hold the flip chart paper

District Governor

Scott Knaffla
(586) 876-9476
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District 6220
Executive Assistant

Lisa VanderKelen
(920) 639-3615
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