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Ann Fuge

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District 6220 Exec. Asst.

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Dear Rotarians,

I am so pleased to be able to communicate to you through this wonderful new website.  Although it has taken us a while to get this up and active,  we are hopeful the quality of information meets your needs and expectations.  Please continue to provide feedback so we can master this continuously improving product.

I have been able visit many of your Clubs in the past month and I can only express that our District must be in the most beautiful part of the U.S.  Both the geography and the people qualify for this honor.  It has been my pleasure to visit with so many of you at your club meetings, and, many of the visits have been an adventure.  My observation is our District has energetic members who are actively doing great work in their communities and internationally.  Although we have lost some members over the past year, I know we will replace those that needed to leave the District and if we keep inviting those like-minded people who are young in age and young at heart we will surpass our membership goals. Rotary VP, Jennifer Jones, tells us to reflect on our Clubs and ask ourselves if we were attending a meeting for the first time, would we join our Club?  This reflection may provide valuable insight as things we should highlight, and we may find some things we need to change.  Many people share our values and have time and talent to give to an organization like Rotary.  We will only be able to complete all our work if we continue to meet the challenge of increasing our Membership.  District 6220 did lose 100 members last year, but we are well on our way to getting our membership back up.  During my club visits many new members were in attendance as one of their first meetings or being inducted, as well as potential members visiting to check us out.

On October 24th we celebrated “World Polio Day” right after the 100 year anniversary celebration of the foundation on October 23rd with a special day honoring Arch Klumph in Cleveland.  Both of these events remind us that we are “this close” to eradicating polio from this world.  We need to continue to support the Foundation so Rotary can meet this long term goal and continue to serve Humanity in many other ways as well.   We will only be able to continue our work if we continue to support the Foundation.  This is an incredibly great time to be a Rotarian with Polio well on its way out but we will all need to be ready for what comes next.  The only way we will be able to respond to new and exciting opportunities to make this world a better place is for Every Rotarian to support the Foundation Every Year.

Please remember to join us on November 12 in Green Bay for a day of learning more about Rotary and having fun with your fellow Rotarians.  We are trying to cover the required training and also allow for great fellowship and sharing of ideas.

So, until I see you then, be Happy and make sure your Rotary activities are fun filled.