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Ann Fuge

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District 6220 Exec. Asst.

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Dear Rotary Family,

WOW! I can hardly believe my DG year is ½ over already. Visiting all the Clubs is so rewarding and emotionally fulfilling. We have great Rotarians in District 6220 and we are doing great work. I have reviewed our Membership numbers with you during my visit and reviewed some helpful actions we might take to increase those numbers. As we look to our future it is critical for all of us to do our part helping to bring new members into the family. Increasing our membership is key to our future.

I would like to review some information previously shared that Jennifer Jones, our RI Vice President thinks is vital to our future. Jenn asks us to think about Rotary’s success being upheld by the participation of all Rotarians. She reminds us that our newly relaxed attendance requirements help to recognize that serving takes various forms and any type of participation is valued. I can affirm that I certainly witnessed that as I visited our clubs.

We need to use this concept and reflect on how to differentiate ourselves from other community groups. Certainly our 4-way test is a reflection of our high ethical standards, helping to promote ourselves both as a service organization as well as a humanitarian organization.

Jennifer shares key findings from Rotary’s strategic vision. I believe we can all relate with stories that support her findings.

We have members that are “Young Thinkers” with a mindset that keeps us fresh and different. We are Leaders and our participation in Rotary makes us better leaders as we use the tools we learn by leading our clubs and applying our learnings to other areas of our lives and businesses. We are leaders by mindset rather than by title, sharing insight with others.

Rotary is about connectivity and we certainly share in a quality network. We are about community service sharing our time, talent, and resources both locally and globally. How many of us have “no extra time on our hands “, and are still committed to doing amazing work helping others in need. WE EMBRACE HUMANITY in many ways.

We need to continue these efforts by bringing new members into the organization.

We have members that are “Young Thinkers” with a mindset that keeps us fresh and different.

To help with this effort Nicki Scott our Zone 28 Coordinator will present webinars next week during four (4) different times. I have included the information for anyone interested to participate.

I also want to remind you of upcoming District events. Tune in to information sent regarding our next Board meeting, February 25, 2017, which anyone can attend and will include a Visioning Exercise to guide the District’s future. Our DGE, Tina Hall just returned from intense training and she will provide valuable insight as we develop a plan to become a more vibrant group.

Also, please review information on out District website regarding the District conference to be held in Green Bay, May 20, 2017 https://ridistrict6220.org/district-resources/district-conference.html. We will be answering that 5th question “Are we having fun?” and also learning more about the activities in our District and Rotary International.


Zone 28 Webinar Details

Dear Rotarians:

Rather than trying to accommodate everyone at once, four (4) Zone membership webinar opportunities have been scheduled for district leadership - especially District Membership Chairs, Club Membership Chairs, Assistant Governors, Presidents-Elect and District Trainers - to attend. The primary date for Districts 6220, 6250, and 6270 is February 1, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. If a club does not have a membership chair, please encourage the president, president-elect or a club board member to attend one of the sessions.

The Webinar will be led by Zone Rotary Coordinator Nicki Scott and will last no longer than one hour. The session will provide suggestions for membership, and an update on the new flexibility, now authorized by RI, as a result of the recent Council on Legislation and provide an opportunity for questions.

If you are not able to attend the session associated with your district, you are more than welcome to attend one of the other three sessions. Register for the session that works into your schedule by clicking on the link associated with the date below.

Webinar Dates

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.