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Ann Fuge

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District 6220 Exec. Asst.

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I just returned from attending a spiritual Christmas celebration with my Granddaughter, and thought I would share some thoughts through the eyes and thoughts of a child. I know many of you will be able to relate because there is nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Aubree is 7 yrs. old and in many ways angelic herself with questions galore and excitement enough for many of us. She is particularly excited this year to share stories about Cardinals as she lost her Grandfather this year, and, she believes if a Cardinal appears to you it is really a message being sent from Heaven from a passed loved one letting us know all is OK. Aubree believes her Grandfather can send her messages so she is constantly looking for that red Cardinal to appear. Many of the gifts she is giving to her family are from her thoughts about that Cardinal.

How great it is to share in that story finding comfort in such a small symbol as that bright red bird. 

Sharing this story and time with Aubree has me thinking about all the other children in the world and how they will be celebrating the birth of Jesus. 

We know many of them have little to celebrate with and yet because of Rotarians they may have some of their basic needs met plus a little more. Many of you have shared pictures of the work you have done to collect items to be shared with those less fortunate either with gifts of food or other items to meet the needs during the present winter. My staff decided to present me with $$$ this year instead of other gifts so I could use it for Rotary projects……….they are listening. 

With all of the turmoil in so many parts of the world causing so much despair for so many, it is a perfect time for all of us to remember our Foundation and the great work that is done to support PEACE in this World. Because of your support, Rotary is able to help the children of the world and their families. Doing this work is part of the ethical and moral fabric that define us as Rotarians.

I hope that you all have a Blessed and Peaceful Holiday Season and that many Cardinals will appear in your lives with those messages from Heaven affirming our work and efforts to make this a PEACEFUL World for all.

Rotary HUGs